Collapsible Water Storage Tank

Product Description

    Collapsible Water Storage Tank

    Bladder Tanks, 5,000 L with Tap Stand and accessories

    Bladder Tanks, 10,000 L with Tap Stand and accessories

    – Heavy-duty Food Grade PVC Fabric
    – Anti-chafe patches
    – Over pressure release valves with rubber plugs
    – Quality: For drinking water, PVC-coated polyester
    – Inner coating: Polyurethane (HPU) or food-safe PVC plastic

    Band Clips
    Material: High tensile galvanized
    – steel OR high tensile stainless steel
    – Size: 3” diameter
    – High torque
    – Rounded edges to avoid cutting hose

    Spiral Hose
    Material: Heavy duty PVC suction hose, reinforced with a hardened PVC spiral helix
    – Smooth inner surface
    – Both ends fitted with Storz coupling
    – Size: 3” diameter
    – Length: 20m
    – Temperature range: -25oC up to 60 oC
    – Operational pressure: min 3bar, 6bar for 20 oC better
    – Resistance to vacuum at 20 oC: 90%

    Tap Stands
    – 6 Self-closing taps
    – Material: Galvanized steel water pipes:
    – Size of pipes: 1.1/4” in diameter
    – Accessories: couplings and clamps included
    – Terminate with a 1.1/4” BSP coupling

    Coupling For Tap Stands
    – Thread, male
    – Diameter: 1.1/4”
    Material: HDPE (high density polyethylene)

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