Disposable Protective Coverall

Product Description

Disposable Protective Coverall

Disposable Protective Coverall Key Features:

  • Sewn from premium-light and easy-to-wear NON-WOVEN fabric.
  • It is made of soft, durable, breathable and water-resistant fabric. To increase protection against less hazardous chemicals and dust; A two-layer laminated fabric, hooded and cover-able zipper is used.
  • Flexible head for easy fitting on the face mask.
  • Flexible wrist and foot seams to limit inlet and outlet protection. Elasticated waist for maximum comfort and protection.
  • Border stitch technology to maximize protection and minimize hair growth and wire spillage.
Fabric: Non-Woven Fabric
Weight: 55 – 60 gr/m2
Color: White
Sizes: S-M-L-XL-XXL
Packaging: 50 Pcs/Box

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