Hygiene Kits for Women

Product Description

    Hygiene Kits for Women

    Towels (Medium, Large)02 pieces
    Bathing Soaps (Safeguard Soap, Lifebuoy Soap, Dettol Soap)06 pieces
    Cloth Washing Soap (Sufi, Guay) 250gm08 pieces
    Female Sanitary Cotton Cloth (Falaline)03 pieces
    Tooth Brush Soft/Medium (Ezigrip)04 pieces
    Tooth Paste (Colgate, Sparkle, English Close Up)02 pieces
    Cotton Roll (Medium, Large) 200 gm01 roll
    Nail Clipper (Large)01 piece
    Comb Anti Lice
    01 piece
    Ladies’ Underwear
    02 pieces
    Female Sanitary Pads
    02 pieces
    Shampoo Anti Lice Bottle
    01 bottle

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