TENT; 82m2; Multi Purpose Tent

Product Description

TENT; 82m2; Multi Purpose Tent

IFRC/ICRC; Multi Purpose Frame Tent; 13.7×6 m

Product Description:

This General Purpose Frame Tent is based on ICRC/IFRC specifications and is used by all the major relief organizations in the time of emergency. This GP Tent has 82m2 space.  It complies with the normal standards of all the relief organizations. It is suitable for use of Storage, Accomodation, School, Hospital etc. This GP Frame Tent comes in 48m2 (8x6m), 60m2 (10x6m), 72m2 (12x6m), 96m2 (16x6m), 240m2 (10x24m) or any of the customized size.

This tent is supplied with a waterproof ground sheet. This can be supplied with additional Rain Fly for extra protection. This is also fit for use in tropical climates, with appropriate outdoor durability, at a minimum cost.

Make: Single Roof Tent with mudflap all around the tent.
Length x Width: 13.7 x 6 m.
Central Height: 3.0 m.
Wall Height:
2.0 m.
Inner Floor Area:
82 m2.
2 doors (one each on front and back) with loop lacing system and Velcro.
12 windows (six on each side) with mosquito netting gauze and rolled up flaps.
Number of People:
25-30 persons (based on 3.0 sqm area per person)
Outer-Tent Roof Canvas: Waterproof, Rotproof Poly-Cotton Canvas; weight: 700 g/m2 (+/-10%).
Winterized Inner Lining (Optional): Made of Polyester Wadding sewn in cotton lining; weight: 150 g/m2 (+/-10%).
Rain Fly (Optional): Made of PVC Coated Fabric, weight 500 g/m2 (+/-10%)
Inner Liner (Optional): Made of Cotton Sheeting; Weight: 130 g/m2 (+/-10%).
Canvas Color: Natural White.
Ground Sheet:
Laminated Polyethylene Fabric of 100 g/m2 (+/-10%).
Mud Flap:
PVC coated Fabric of 300 g/m2 (+/-10%).
Structure Frame: Galvanized / Powder Coated Steel Structure.
Ropes: Additional ropes in for the extra support to the tent.
Re-inforcement Bands: Extra Canvas . PVC coated fabric reinforcement bands at the joints and corners of the tent cover.
Painted Iron Pegs, Iron Pins, Iron Hammer.
Packing Method: Package A: 1 roof, 4 walls panels, and assembly instruction.
Package B: 1 inner tent and assembly instruction.
Package C: 62+2 frame pipes and assembly instruction.
Package D: 39 frame connectors, 16 pegs, 7 hanging connectors, 1 hammer, repairing kit and assembly instruction.
Volume Per Bale: 0.2793 cbm.
Dimension Per Bale: 228 x 35 x 35 cms.
Weight Per Bale: 80 Kgs (+/-10%).
Packed Quantity per 20′ FCL: 120 tents (approx).
Packed Quantity per 40′ FCL: 260 tents (approx).
Packed Quantity per 40′ FCL HC: 285 tents (approx).

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