Oxfam 14L Buckets

Product Description

Oxfam 14L Buckets

(With or Without Lid)

Material: 100% HDPE (High density polythene / Polypropylene)- Please Specify
Design: A round, stackable bucket with lid cap and plastic handle that is easy to fill, easy to carry and easy to clean.

The bottom is flat with curved edges to make cleaning the water easily.

Capacity: 14 litre
Height: 33 cm, Top Diameter 31 cm
Diameter at Rim: 29 cm without lid , 30 cm with lid, 31 cm including handle
Diameter at Base : 23 cm
800 gm
Technical Specification:
UV resistant and safe for food and water storage, Wall thickness shall allow rigid, and sturdy quality. Wall thickness approx. 1.3mm.

The bucket has a tight-fitting lid of the same material of the bucket with attached push-on cap.

The bucket can be filled through the cap. Safe for 2 meters drop test.

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