IFRC Plastic Sheet

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IFRC Plastic Sheet


Size: 4×6 m or roll of 60 meters (4×60 m); variation (+/-2%)
Weight, Sheet Specific Excluding Bands Weight: 180g/m² ± 30g under ISO 3801; + add 10% band weight.
Effective Area: 24 sq.m or rolls of 240 sq.m
Material: Woven high density polyethylene(HDPE)black fibres,Fabric laminated on both sides with low density polyethylene (LDPE)coating,Reinforced with 6 bands of 7.5cm width made of woven black HDPE fibres and coated outside,Position of the bands as per the drawing.
Tensile Strength in  Plain Sheet: Minimum 50DaN and 15% to 25% elongation in warp and weft outside of the reinforcement bands under ISO1421,Minimum 70 DaN inside of the reinforcement bands as per ISO1421 plus the additional procedure.
Tensile Strength in Reinforcement Bands: Minimum 700N inside the reinforcement bands as per ISO 1421-1 plus the additional procedure describing the hook test.
Tear Strength: Minimum 100N under ISO 4674 (A2) outside of the reinforcement.
Welding: Only one welding allowed, in the middle of the sheet, length wise. Minimum resistance is 80% of the original tarpaulin tensile strength crossways under ISO 1421-1.
UV Resistance: Maximum 5% loss on original tarpaulin tensile strength under ISO 1421-1 after 1500 hours UV under ASTM G53/94 (UVB 313 nm peak), to be tested outside and inside the reinforcement bands.
Resistance to Temperature:
Resistant from -20 to +80℃
Features: Water, rot and soil fauna resistant, long life outdoor use in all climate.
Flash point above 200 ℃.
Color: White sun reflective both sides, grey bands. Inner black fibers to ensure opacity.
The sheet is with bands so no logos are required.
Packing (Sheets): 4x6m Plastic tarpaulin sheets are packed in bales of 5 pieces and secured with polyester-straps.
2500 sheets / 500 bales per 20’DC (without pallets).
6000 sheets / 3000 bales per 40’ DC (without pallets).
2100 sheets / 420 bales / 14 pallets per 20’ DC (with pallets).
4800 sheets / 960 bales / 32 pallets per 40’ HC (with pallets).
Packing (Roll): The 4 x 60 m tarpaulin rolls are center folded lengthwise and tightly rolled. Wrapped
in polyethylene, sealed with a polyester band.
170 Rolls per 20’DC (without pallets).
370 Rolls per 40’ HC (without pallets).
155 Rolls / 10 pallets per 20’ DC (with pallets).
340 Rolls / 22 Pallets per 40’ HC (with pallets).

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