Protective Goggles

Product Description

    Protective Goggles

    • Comfortable elastic headband.
    • Anti-fog lenses. Project Applications- Installing Flooring and Trim, Insulating the walls, Laying Tile, Refinishing Floors, Refinishing Walls, Refinishing Woodwork, Remodeling a bathroom.
    • Fits over most personal glasses
    • Food Grade PVC+ Antifog PC lens
    • Size: 24 x 9×9
    • Transparent visor with UV filtering effect, optical class 1 or dark welding visor, basic use + protection against droplets and liquids.
    • Ultraviolet Filters, Transmittance requirements and recommended use (transparent visor -scale # 2-1,2)
    • Professional Chemical Splash/Impact Goggles
    • help protect eyes from certain airborne particulates and chemical and blood splash
    • Designed with vents to help prevent liquids from entering the eye area.
    • Professional Chemical Splash/Impact Goggles are a great choice in safety eye protection.
    • 20 pcs / inner box
    • 200 pcs per outer carton
    • Carton Size: 68 x 36.3 x 41.5cm

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