Safe Frame 54m2

Product Description

    Safe Frame 54m2

    Unique Features to the Safeframe Range

    • All-in-one frame system with integrated telescopic legs The frame is an all-in-one structure whereby the legs or base beams are permanently connected to the roof and pitch beams; this creates an inherent durability and strength enough to support heavy loads. It also means that the various elements (side beams, roof beams and plates) are already connected and the component parts of the structure do not have to be separately assembled by field operatives
    • The patented frame design incorporates telescopic legs. This drastically reduces pack down volume compared to other shelter designs; it has simpler and quicker deployment and strike down; there is less Manual handling and no overhead lifting for operatives; there is no minimum height requirement for operatives
    • Systems of different sizes can be linked to form modular village set-ups
    • Spare/Replacement parts can be pre-engineered into sub-assemblies and can be easily replaced by end users whilst the shelter is still deployed
    • Most Safeframe® shelters and component parts have NATO Stock numbers
    Deployed Length:9m
    Height at Apex:2.85m
    Canvas Weight:165kg
    Frame Weight:125kg
    290kg Packed Dimensions:Frame: L 2.35m x W 0.6m x H 0.44m
    Canvas: L 2.1m x W 0.8m x H 0.8m

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