UNHCR Self Standing Family Tent

Product Description

UNHCR Self Standing Family Tent

UNHCR Item No 00008154

Product Description:

The Self-Standing Family Tent has 18,5 m2 of main floor area. It is the standard tent used by UNHCR and is suitable for a family of five people. It follows the recommended minimum living area for hot and temperate climates (3.5 m2 per person), and provides additional space for cold climates.

Outer Tent Material: Woven high-density polyethylene black fibre fabric laminated on both sides with low-density polyethylene coating. Alternatively plastic tarpaulin can be used. Fabric Weight: 190 g/m2 ± 10 g, Resistance to UV and Flame Retardant.
Inner Tent Material: Polyester/cotton blended fibre yarns. Cotton: 40% (±10%), polyester: 60% (±10%) = polyester: 50% to 70%, balance cotton or cotton 100%. Fabric Weight: 150 g/m2 ± 15% in finished state, Flame Retardant.
Shade Net Material: High Density Polyethylene (HDPE). Shade net reinforcement strips as per technical spec. Material Weight: 190 g/m2 ± 10% net weigh.
Centre Height:
Approx 2.40 m
Width: 4.30 m
Height: 4.30 m
Ridge Length:
4.40 m
Entrance Walls Height: 1.9 m
Doors Height: 1.70 m

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