TENT; GP; 28 m2; Winterized Frame Tent

Product Description

    TENT; GP; 28 m2; Winterized Frame Tent

    Structure Frame Tent; 6.5×4.3 m (with Separate Liner)

    Make:Double Fly Tent Frame Tent.
    Length x Width:6.5×4.3 m.
    Central Height:2.70 m.
    Wall Height:1.85 m.(approx)
    Inner Floor Area:27.95 m2.
    Doors:2 doors; each door is provided with interlacing system.
    2 windows; each window is provided with rolled up flap.
    Number of People:
    Outer Fly (Rain Fly):Heavy Duty PVC Fabric; waterproof; weight: 550g/m2 (+/-10%).
    Inner Fly (6.5×4.3m):Cotton Canvas; water-repellant and rot-proof; weight: 500g/m2 (+/-10%); covers the Structure Frame.
    Inner Liner (Insulation); Size: 4.65×4.1m:Made of Cotton Lining (120 g/m2 (+/-10%)) padded with Polyester Wadding of 150 g/m2 (+/-10%); hanging inside the frame.
    Shade Fabric:Made of PVC Coated Sheet; weight: 200 g/m2 (+/-5%).
    Color:Natural White.
    Chimney:Chimney hole fixed at the wall.
    Mud Flap:Made of PVC Coated Sheet; weight: 200 g/m2 (+/-5%).
    Aluminum Structure Frame, Iron Pegs, Iron Pins, Iron Hammer.
    Virtual Stock:
    Marking:Marking on bales can be done as per client’s choice.
    Logo:Logo on tents can be provided as per client choice on additional cost.

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