Explosives Detector

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Detection Principle: Luminol
Radioactivity: No radioactive source, and no licensing or radioactive calibration
Detectable Compounds: Most military (including plastic) and commercially available explosives, C4, TNT, Nitroglycerin Dynamite, PETM, Semtex, RDX, ANFO, ICAO Taggants, (DMNB, EGDN, o-MNT, p-MNT), Urea nitrate, and TATP
Sampling Capabilities: Vapors and Particulates – Dual Mode
Typical Sample: 5-30 seconds (user selectable based on application)
Analysis Time Sample: Within 15 Seconds
Initial Warm-Up Time: 30 seconds
Carrier Gas: None required (ambient air)
Power switch, keypad, automatic vapor/particulate selector and volume
control (with optional earphone)
Communications: Remote Control and Monitoring
Power Supply:
12 volt DC rechargeable battery pack, external battery pack, 12 volt AC adapter
Operating Temperatures: 0°C to +55°C (+32°F to +131°F)
Storage Temperatures:
0°C to +65°C (+32°F to +149°F)
Shipping Weight:
15 kg
Shipping Dimensions:
70x29x46 cm / 22x10x14″ (LxWxH)

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