IFRC Multipurpose Tent 45m2

Product Description

    Multipurpose Tent, 45 m2

    Make:Single Fold Tent with mudflap all around the tent.
    Length x Width:
    Outer tent dimension: 7,5 m long by 6,0 m width.
    Inner tent dimension: 7,1 m long by 5,8 m width.
    Central Height:Outer tent dimension: Ridge height 3m.
    Inner tent dimension: Ridge height 2.9m.
    Wall Height:Outer tent dimension: Ridge height 3m.
    Inner tent dimension: Ridge height 2.9m.
    Inner Floor Area:41.18 sqm.
    Doors:4 doors (one each on front and back) with loop lacing system.
    3 high ventilated windows with mosquito netting gauze and rolled up flap.
    Number of People:
    Outer Tent Cover:
    Waterproof, Rotproof, Poly-Cotton Canvas; weight: 440 g/m2 & 320 g/m2 (+/-10%).
    Color:Natural White.
    Ground Sheet (Optional):A bathtub ground sheet to cover the complete surface of the tent. PVC Coated Fabric 540 g/m2 (-/+10).
    Shade Net:A shade net for hot climate to place over the tent (includes a specific frame), for an increased protection from heat.
    Partitions to create separate areas and closed cabins inside the inner tent.
    Mud Flap:PVC Coated Fabric 540 g/m2 (-/+10).
    Steel Structure and sockets; Iron Pegs, Iron Pins, Iron Hammer and Ropes. Steel pipes are Powder coated to protect from rusting.
    Packing Method:Each tent packed in rolled bale with all the standard accessories and wrapped in Polypropylene sheet. The pipes and metal joints packed separately in a wooden crates.
    Virtual Stock:Keep stock of raw material to meet any emergency demand.
    Stock:Stock in Pakistan.
    Marking:Marking on bales can be done as per client’s choice.
    Logo:Logo on tents can be provided as per client choice on additional cost.

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